DeKalb Entrepreneurial Center’s programs and services will be accessible to anyone in our community who has an entrepreneurial spirit.


We continue to provide curriculum and resources to students in grades K-12 and college to be prepared to become an entrepreneur or enter the workforce. All graduates of DeKalb know they are able to succeed and thrive in whatever career they choose.


The E-Center provides the appropriate tools and resources to encourage entrepreneurship among those who have a desire and determination for business creation, ownership, or even business expansion.

Our incubator in Rainsville has a three-tier membership 1) Full Membership enjoying many benefit services, 2) Virtual Membership enjoying access to our facility and benefit services while operating your existing business in the community, and 3) Aspiring Membership enjoying the resources and training of our organization to move your business idea into a viable business model.


We continue to implement programs and provide resources for men, women, and veterans with the tools and training they need to succeed with life’s endeavors with the opportunities to start their own business or re-enter the workforce, regardless of race, age or ability.

Join us in supporting entrepreneurs in our community.