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Being a Member of a Business Incubator

Supporting Entrepreneurs in Our Community

Being a Member of a Business Incubator

Join us in supporting entrepreneurs in our community.

June 7, 2023 – By Diana Goss


A business incubator is a great resource for new businesses looking to start up and grow. Programs provided offer valuable training and support.  And now, our local entrepreneurs have this resource open and ready for their success. To help those who are considering joining an incubator, consider these benefits.


  1. Networking Benefits.

Establishing your own business can be an extremely lonely and isolated process. But being a member of an incubator program can provide networking opportunities at events, mentorships, and workshops. Entrepreneurs need to be surrounded by many supportive networks such as friends, colleagues, acquaintances, advisors, and mentors. The incubator can also provide connections to existing networks on the regional/state/national level. Coworking spaces and entrepreneurial meetups can be fertile ground for connecting with early-stage startups. So, let us know what kind of networking opportunities you may need. You may not know what you need or even know how to build your networking skills. Let us help.


  1. Access to Facility Benefits.

Knowing what types of benefits an incubator provides is key to a successful relationship. Facility benefits provide full building amenities, 1 GIG internet, marketing efforts support, signage, and 24/7 security plus more. The DeKalb E-Center has a 3-tier membership that provides support for wherever your business may be in its process.


  1. Avoiding First-Time Entrepreneur Mistakes.

Every community has various startups (restaurants, lawn mowing services, tech-based app companies) where each one needs different kinds of support to move from idea inception through proof-of-concept to first customer. After the business is up and running, focus shifts from grand opening to sustainability to growth. Knowing this, we learn better and faster when we are a member of an impactful learning environment. Learning curves improve so that a business owner can avoid the most common mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs.


  1. Value of a Business Plan.

Having a strong and solid business plan demonstrates the value of your product or service. Those that understand your plan and value proposition will be able to assist you in your endeavors and dreams. Building a business is tough. Being a member of a business incubator means you are not alone.


  1. Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness Benefits.

Every business owner is concerned about productivity and cost-effectiveness. Business incubators are organized so that the entrepreneur can maximize their valuable time focusing on expanding their dream and customer base. The entrepreneur benefits from not worrying about maintenance, office amenities, utilities, or security at the critical stage of its beginning. Also, the collaborative environment of an incubator has helped entrepreneurs with the ability to work closely with other businesses sharing creativity and innovation inside the incubator. Learning takes on a new perspective.

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