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Championing innovation through a collaborative community effort for the benefit of DeKalb County.

What are our GOALS?


This First Pillar is to educate students in grades K-12 to either be ready to enter the workforce, college or to become an entrepreneur.


The Second Pillar will implement programs, provide space, tools, and training, use other resources and partner with other companies.


The Third Pillar will create and implement programs for men, women, and veterans with the tools and training they need to succeed.

DeKalb E-Center About Us


Programs & Services for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The DeKalb County Entrepreneurial Center is a hub for education and resources for those who want to grow and succeed in business. Our physical is located at 246 McCurdy Avenue North, Rainsville, AL. 35986.

We are open for start-up businesses, civic organizations, students, or individuals to incubate a business or an idea. It includes a state-of-the-art conference room, retail space for start-up businesses to rent, reception space, and professional offices.

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Entrepreneurial Center Opens to Assist Businesses

The DeKalb County Entrepreneurial Center is open for businesses, offering new ventures a place to start, and aiding existing small businesses as they market their products and services in a changing business landscape.

The mission for the center, Goss said, is to educate, equip, and empower. Programs are available for kindergarten through college to teach people to become entrepreneurs. The center now will help equip people so that their start-ups can get started while training and help with business plans and marketing can help to empower them.

Become a Member of a
Business Incubator

A business incubator is a great resource for new businesses looking to start up and grow. Programs provided offer valuable training and support. And now, our local entrepreneurs have this resource open and ready for their success.
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Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness Benefits

Every business owner is concerned about productivity and cost-effectiveness. Business incubators are organized so that the entrepreneur can maximize their valuable time focusing on expanding their dream and customer base.


Championing innovation through a collaborative community effort for the benefit of DeKalb County.


The E-Center’s Mission is to encourage, empower, mentor, educate, provide services and training to all who desire to succeed in their career and life.


Frequently Asked Question

Yes!  Our membership allows you to have the stability of a place to work while giving you the flexibility you need to grow your business.

Facility access Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30 to access coworking spaces. 24/7 access is available to our Virtual and Full Membership members.  After hours members have access to the facilities Mon-Fri 5pm – 8 am and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Yes! Day Passes are available Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00. Day Passes are $10 each day.

DeKalb Entrepreneurial Center


Want to leave that 9-5? These people will sit and talk to you about ANY business idea! This is a GREAT place for anyone wanting to start a side hustle, or maybe you’re already doing a side hustle and your are stuck! They will go above and beyond to do anything to help you out of that 9-5. Their vision is phenomenal! DeKalb County E-Center, it’s an honor to have you in our community!
Luis Ramirez

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